Citation CJ2+ – OE-FXM

Passenger capacity
Cruise speed
760 km/h
Maximum range
2400 km

With its comfortable cabin for up to six passengers, the Citation CJ2+ is the perfect aircraft for inter-city flights, as it can take off and land on even the smallest airports. In addition, it offers excellent versatility and flexibility.


Simplicity meets Performance

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The CJ2+ gets some very powerful help from twin Williams FJ44 FADEC-equipped turbofans that are flat-rated to reduce wear and tear. And if superior build quality is your idea of beauty, then the CJ2+ is a knockout. Because, like all Citations, its airframe is so robust that it has no life limit. Take it for a test flight, and you may decide to write a few rules of your own.

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Cruise Speed

The CJ series was created to provide operators with the performance advantages of a twin-jet and the simplicity and economy of a turboprop. The CJ2+ delivers all that and more. For example, on a typical 1,000-mile mission, the CJ2+ will use about the same amount of fuel as the turboprop while flying at above-the-weather altitudes and arriving more than an hour earlier.

A Spacious & Comfortable Cabin

Representing some of the smartest business jets in the world, the CJ2 features excellent takeoff and landing capability, a spacious, comfortable cabin, more speed, greater range, and a higher ceiling.

Cabin specifications

Year of manufacture


Night configuration


Number of standard luggage

1.90 m³

Pets allowed

Only small + cleaning

Smoking allowed





1.45 m
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