Frequently Asked Questions

What services does SPARFELL provide?

SPARFELL provides various services in private aviation: aircraft charter, aircraft management, aircraft sales and acquisition, and aircraft design. Furthermore, SPARFELL offers travel concierge service, yacht management, and property and luxury asset management.

What are the office locations of SPARFELL?

SPARFELL has its headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. In addition, SPARFELL has offices in Vienna (Austria), Paris (France), San Marino, Washington (USA), Singapore and Dublin (Ireland). You may find a detailed overview of our offices and services provided at each location on our Contact Page.

Is SPARFELL family-owned?

SPARFELL is 100% family-owned by the Queffelec family. SPARFELL remains one of the few privately held, family-managed companies operating in business aviation. This gives SPARFELL the freedom to focus on its customers’ interests exclusively, have a long-term vision, and be flexible, thanks to immediate decisions by people solely focused on the industry. The family started its journey in aviation back in the 1950s and since then has gathered some of the most experienced and respected names in the industry as part of the SPARFELL team. Philip Queffelec is the chairman of SPARFELL and Edward Queffelec, his son, is the CEO of SPARFELL.

Who are the honorary board members and icons of SPARFELL?

The group’s honorary board members, true gentlemen, constitute the other spirits of SPARFELL. They take pride in the company’s strong heritage and legacy of expertise in the world of aviation. His Royal Highness Prince Michael of Kent and Mike Boyle are the honorary board members of SPARFELL. Both have a life-long passion for the aviation industry.

Niki Lauda is a true SPARFELL icon. SPARFELL wishes to keep the late Niki Lauda’s vision of perfection alive through all its operations, with Niki Lauda’s spirit – the Esprit Lauda – defined by constantly striving for the highest standards of safety and front-line professionalism in aeronautical engineering. When Niki Lauda set his sights on something, he always gave 100 percent, whether on the racetrack during the Formula One circuit or in his ventures in aviation with SPARFELL Luftfahrt GmbH, Lauda Air and Fly Niki, with which he demonstrated his true passion for flying.

What happens if the chosen aircraft of the SPARFELL fleet is not available?

In the event that the chosen aircraft from the SPARFELL fleet is not available for your trip, SPARFELL will always propose a solution. Should you not find the corresponding aircraft amongst our diverse fleet for your journey, our sales teams will ensure to find you the ideal alternative within our network of selected partners. Whether your request concerns a planned or impending departure, the dedicated and knowledgeable sales teams cater to any need. In addition, the customer care department will assist in optimising the entire experience, ensuring that the quality of the teams’ tailor-made services is guaranteed.

Can I leave whenever I want?

SPARFELL can offer much flexibility. However, to ensure transparency, the planning of trips and aircraft departures are also subject to airport slot availability and the flights already planned on the relevant aircraft of the SPARFELL fleet.

Can I plan trips on short notice? In how much time could an aircraft be ready for take-off?

Given that the relevant aircraft is available, it can be ready for take-off within about two hours. Contact our charter teams in Geneva (+41 (0) 22 707 19 27), Vienna (+43 (0) 1 70 700 90 16) and Paris (+33 1 70 93 41 52) for any inquiries.

What are the COVID-19 restrictions for my flight?

Understanding the complexity of travelling in present times, we aim to help you focus on the essentials of your journey. We give you the possibility to get a PCR test result within an hour for any departure from or any arrival to Geneva. We hope to restore spontaneity as part of your lifestyle. Strictly following governmental guidelines, our charter team is at your disposal to guide you through every COVID-19 procedure.

The general safety measures for all SPARFELL aircraft include a complete risk assessment for every flight and full cleaning and disinfection after each flight. In addition, crew members report for duty only if they are 100% healthy. All flight crew members have received an in-depth briefing regarding the handling of passengers on board and all the tasks in and around the aircraft to provide the best possible safety standards.

Can I bring my pet onto the aircraft? Does the aircraft have WIFI? How many passengers can fly on the aircraft? What is the aircraft range?

SPARFELL has created individual aircraft pages for all the aircraft of the SPARFELL fleet, as well as aircraft specifications providing an overview of all details relevant for you. All aircraft pages can be found under “Fly with SPARFELL” on the “SPARFELL Fleet” page. Information varies from aircraft to aircraft.

Can SPARFELL look after my vehicle for the duration of my trip?

Yes. SPARFELL works closely with FBO handlers.

Can SPARFELL assist with the booking of transfers and hotel rooms?

Absolutely. SPARFELL has all departments in-house to assist you with the organisation of your travels: from the organisation of your flight, over transportation transfers by limousine or helicopter, to the booking of hotels, restaurants, chalets, villas and yachts. SPARFELL Lifestyle specialises in travel & concierge services, yacht management and property and luxury asset management, acting as your travel agency.

Where can I find the asking price of the aircraft in SPARFELL’s inventory?

The prices of the aircraft are disclosed upon request. Contact our trading teams in Geneva (+41 22 787 08 77), Washington (+1 301 525 4380), Singapore (+65 6221 0989) and Vienna (+43 699 1 632 52 12) to obtain further information.

Are all the aircraft that SPARFELL has available on the website?

No, we have multiple off-market opportunities in addition to the aircraft displayed in our inventory. Contact us directly for any aircraft that you may be interested in. Our trading teams: Geneva (+41 22 787 08 77), Washington (+1 301 525 4380), Singapore (+65 6221 0989) and Vienna (+43 699 1 632 52 12).

Does SPARFELL also provide aircraft acquisition services?

Yes, SPARFELL offers both aircraft sales and aircraft acquisition services. Based on your specific requirements, our knowledgeable trading teams can assist you in sourcing an aircraft.