Challenger 300 – OE-HHH

Passenger capacity
Cruise speed
870 km/h
Maximum range
5556 km

Having its exterior and interior fully refurbished in 2021, this Challenger 300 combines the best performance with maximum comfort, designed to bring up to nine people quickly and safely to the desired destination. Enormous efficiency, forefront avionics and advanced onboard technologies make this super-midsize business jet the market leader in its class.


Enormous Efficiency

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Cruise Speed

The high cruise speed is Mach 0.80 or 870km/h.

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Maximum Altitude & Range

The main performance parameters are the aircraft’s non-stop range of 5’741 km combined with its ability to take-off from airstrips of 1’509 m. The maximum operating altitude is 45’000 ft or 13’716 m.


An Expansive Interior

Make full use of your coast-to-coast hops with a generous cabin outfitted in exceptional comfort and flexibility. Optimised for both business and pleasure, Bombardier’s definitively reliable Challenger 300 is a proven performer with its plush, expansive interior and touchscreen entertainment system. In addition, a thoughtfully designed galley and cabin-accessible baggage compartment help take your business trips to comforting new heights.

Cabin specifications

Year of manufacture


Night configuration

3 singles beds

Number of standard luggage

9 standard-sized + hand luggage

Pets allowed


Smoking allowed





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