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SPARFELL tailors your aircraft to make it your own. For that reason, in partnership with the prominent design studio MR Associates Design, we offer the best of aesthetics and techniques combined. In addition, we offer design, engineering, and outfitting oversight to customers to create very innovative, elegant, and functional aircraft interiors for both NEW or PRE-OWNED aircraft.

Everything begins with you

Your needs, your dreams, your desires. Rational or exceptional. Inspiring, Inspired.

Aircraft Interior & Exterior Design

We carefully conceive and elegantly draft each detail of an aircraft’s interior, and then work with the finest artisans to bring those ideas to life. We relentlessly seek perfection, pursuing the kind of excellence that breeds exclusivity. Through thoroughly singular designs. Every texture, hue and curve is carefully curated to capture our client’s imagination.


Design Outfitting Oversight & Completion Project Management

For both new or pre-owned aircraft, we guarantee a comprehensive understanding of the industry’s stringent demands and turn every constraint into a springboard, passionately pushing design to new heights and unleashing the full power of our creativity.


Custom & Loose Equipment Design and Manufacturing

Lights, materials, the grain of a piece of leather and the gleam of chrome all excite our creative eye. In our world, anything’s possible. We perceive the aviation industry’s demands not as constraints, but as challenges, using them as a springboard for daring design. We break with certain conventions without ever overstepping the rules, our consummate understanding of each and every detail ultimately giving us the freedom to breathe life into our clients’ wildest dreams.


When Tailor-Made Service meets Engineering

Our ability to meet all of your needs in-house helps improve your aircraft’s utilisation by reducing downtime. Therefore, whether you need to entirely convert an airliner into a private jet or renew the colours of your seats, we cover the entire chain of manufacturing, installation, testing and certification, always having operational practicality in mind.

Our project management service starts with the project’s launch until the final aircraft delivery to the customer. Between these two significant steps, we protect the interests of the customer by offering:

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