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Tailoring your home in the sky!

SPARFELL tailors your aircraft to make it your own. For that reason, in partnership with the prominent design studio M&R Associates Design, we offer the best of aesthetics and techniques combined. In addition, we offer design, engineering, and outfitting oversight to customers to create very innovative, elegant, and functional aircraft interiors for both NEW or PRE-OWNED aircraft.

When Tailor-Made Service meets Engineering

Our ability to meet all of your needs in-house helps improve your aircraft’s utilisation by reducing downtime. Therefore, whether you need to entirely convert an airliner into a private jet or renew the colours of your seats, we cover the entire chain of manufacturing, installation, testing and certification, always having operational practicality in mind.

Our project management service starts with the project’s launch until the final aircraft delivery to the customer. Between these two significant steps, we protect the interests of the customer by offering:

Aircraft Interior Design

Aircraft Interior Design

Layout Proposal

The layout is fully customised as per the customer’s requests, needs and wishes. After studying and analysing these requests, we will advise and propose creative, pertinent, and realistic options fitting precisely to the customer and crew member needs. During the conception of the layout, the airworthiness regulation and the specific constraints of the airplane are fully taken into account (flex joint, cargo door, lavatory location, weight and balance and noise level, etc.) This document can be used during the completion, sourcing and “ROM PRICE” request.

Aircraft Exterior Design

The process includes the study of the exterior paint scheme in elevation, perspective or in 3D and the development of sketches, designs, complete drawings, 3Ds, and unique prototype paint samples.

Completions Project Management

Technical Definition Drawings

During the design phase, we shape the seat design in compliance with all current and future regulations. In addition, we study the best location and ergonomics for:

  • Power outlet location
  • Switch location and function
  • Reading/dome/spotlights location

A complete technical drawing package will be produced representing:

  • Layouts
  • Elevations
  • Cross-sections
  • Typical details
  • Material callout in reference to the materials specification list
  • Seat & divan detail drawings
  • Cabinet design detail drawings

The production and engineering teams will use this package during the completion. It can be used as a base to request quotations from various completion centers for final price proposals.

Completions Project Management

Engineering Support

  • Full design support during the engineering phase of the project
  • Full design support and recommendation towards the selection of suitable entertainment, lighting (including the mood lighting) devices and convenient switching location
  • Support during engineering phases (technical 3Ds reviews) of monuments/cabinets/seating
  • Focus on aircraft performance (weight, noise, noise levels etc.), maintainability and airworthiness
  • Full support and collaboration during the engineering study and the conception of the project

Our main goals are to:

  • Ensure the respect of the design
  • Ensure the quality
  • Ensure the ergonomics
  • Respect of schedule
  • Focus on aircraft performance and maintainability

Custom & Loose Equipment Design and Manufacturing

Fitting to the project goals, all accessories, loose equipment and artwork will be specifically created to match the overall trend and creative direction requested by the owner or customer. With over 20 years in the industry, M&R’s management has built a strong collaboration with high-level luxury suppliers and artists to provide the highest quality to its customers.

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