The Expansion Continues - SPARFELL’s San Marino AOC

December 02, 2020
SPARFELL San Marino, a subsidiary of the Swiss aviation group SPARFELL, recently received its aircraft operator certificate (AOC) from the Civil Aviation Authority of the Republic of San Marino...

Sparfell acquires Speedwings’ air operator activities

November 09, 2020
Sparfell Aviation Group & Speedwings form a new synergy...

SPARFELL’s New Venture in the United States – A Legacy of Trust

August 31, 2020
SPARFELL is creating a bridge between the United States market and the European market to offer to its clients the best of both worlds...
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SPARFELL and LaudaMotion Executive Implement Skylegs Customised to Their Operations

July 08, 2020
SPARFELL and its Austrian AOC LaudaMotion Executive fully implement Skylegs Aviation Management solution this month...
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Reaching new heights in luxury travel: Oetker Collection and SPARFELL

July 02, 2020
Oetker Collection is launching a unique partnership with Sparfell Aviation Group to offer private chartered flights to all of its properties around the globe...
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Bernhard Wipfler is joining SPARFELL as the Managing Director of LaudaMotion Executive GmbH

May 26, 2020
It’s a return to the roots: Bernhard Wipfler is joining Sparfell Aviation Group...

Reaching for the skies

November 01, 2019
For Sparfell Aviation Group Chairman Philip G. Queffelec, aviation is more than a job - it's a dream

Interview of Edward Queffelec, CEO of SPARFELL

May 15, 2020
Rebecca Applegarth asks SPARFELL Aviation Group’s Edward Queffelec for his company’s perspective of the regions they operate in...