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MIRPURI Marianela



MIRPURI Marianela

Marianela Mirpuri’s background in aviation dates back to the 1980’s. Marianela’s family created the first air taxi company in Portugal, named Air Luxor. In 1988 Air Luxor became the Authorised Sales Representative of Cessna, and continued to represent Cessna until the end of 2014.

In her professional path in the aviation field, Marianela besides being Vice President of Air Luxor, was the co-founder of UAT (United Air Taxis), co-founder of NetJets Europe, co-founder of Masterjet, and is the founder and President of Jetlink.

Besides aviation, Marianela Mirpuri is also a business consultant for big economic groups all over the world, and investor also in several businesses.

Her family is deeply involved in aviation and co-operates with all family companies, such as Hifly, Lsky, Safeport, Mesa, and Macf.

Having been partner and co-founder of Masterjet together with Philippe Queffelec, Marianela accepted the challenge to co-operate with Sparfell and Partners and hopes with her contacts and skills to positively contribute to the company.