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ASSAD Christian



ASSAD Christian

Christian Assad enrolled 41 years ago in a government-sponsored flying school in the province of Quebec, where he graduated with both a professional helicopter pilot license and a professional fixed-wing pilot license. He went on to become a regular force military pilot with the Canadian Air Force for 12 years, followed by another 4 years as a reservist. During his regular force time, he completed his basic jet training and then spent the rest of his military career as a tactical helicopter pilot. He held positions in the specific areas of flying standards, flight safety and tactical instruction. He flew all over North America and Europe and participated in major anti-drug operations. Being from Montreal, he joined a reserve Tac Hel unit thereafter, where he flew the Bell 412 built next door in Mirabel.

In 1999, he started his own company that operates to this day. Foxair Héliservice - Helico Pro Inc. operates 18 helicopters commercially doing VIP flights, aerial work and medevacs.  It has a school certificate and offers ab-initio and advanced helicopter training. It provides aircrew services for local billionaires and VIPs for elsewhere in the world. The company also maintains more than 50 helicopters through its approved maintenance organization.

Christian orchestrated more than 60 transactions over the years and developed a worldwide network of his own. He bought Gazelles in the Philippines, sold them in the U.K. He bought a medevac helicopter in Germany, another one in Mexico and operated both on his AOC. He parted out aircraft, got a Lear 20s series from Texas for a Canadian customer, flew Citations across the continent for a couple years, and operated a private machine out of Switzerland for a few years flying across Europe. His two airline pilot licenses (fixed-wing and helicopter) and more than 13'000 hours at the controls make him a well-rounded aviation expert that will ensure a perfect match between the real requirements and the operational capabilities for all SPARFELL customers.