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SPARFELL is your one stop shop for buying or selling your aircraft.

SPARFELL Global Trading Subsidiaries - Washington, Geneva, Vienna and Singapore

SPARFELL knows that every path to aircraft ownership is unique. We help our clients reach their specific aviation goals by combining the market knowledge of a global organisation with the local expertise offered by our world-wide offices and subsidiaries. Our clients can expect efficient and effective services, which are fully customised and optimised to suit their specific needs. SPARFELL is committed to making the daunting world of private aviation as user-friendly as possible. With decades of experience, and the passion of a family-owned business which has proven itself over decades and across generations, SPARFELL has a proven history of excellence and trustworthiness in aviation. We look forward to welcoming you into our aviation family.


When looking to purchase an aircraft, whether NEW or PRE-OWNED, your aviation journey is unique: your requirements, preferences, and timeframe. Therefore, the SPARFELL approach has always been to begin the aircraft purchasing process by understanding you and your aviation journey. The more effectively we understand your mission profile, the more efficiently we can allocate our worldwide resources to help you accomplish your goals.

Sparfell, Geneva, Switzerland, offices and interior views at chemin des Papillons 18. Philip Queffelec, Chairman. Edward Queffelec, Chief Executive Officer.


SPARFELL has gathered some of the most respected and experienced names in the industry with the goal of assisting each client through the purchase, sale, or upgrade process. Because of the broad array of services we offer, we are able to leverage our cross-market knowledge of aircraft sales, aircraft charter and aircraft management to bring you expertise in pre-owned aircraft markets and real-world operational issues and expenses.


Our aviation journey began in the 1950s, and as the industry has changed, our vision has remained the same: SPARFELL is 100% family-owned, and we approach our clients as members of the SPARFELL family. We always put our customers’ interests first and maintain a long-term vision when offering advice. We offer unbiased and objective solutions built on the foundation of trustworthiness and sustained through decades of aircraft trading and ongoing operational experience.

Global Trading at SPARFELL - The Trading Process - Execute


Once the target market is identified, we oversee the entire process on your behalf: from advertising to finding the buyer or correct aircraft, to negotiating an initial letter of intent, to coordinating the parties during the contractual phase, to facilitating the process of the aircraft inspection, to the final stages of closing the transaction. Our team of experts, utilising decades of experience and a global footprint of support available via our various SPARFELL businesses, will seamlessly direct the project on your behalf while offering total transparency throughout the entire process.

Our Experts at Your Service

Philip grew up in the world of aviation. After working in sales and marketing for Xerox for over eight years, Philip founded his first company dedicated to business aircraft leasing in 1988: Air Engineering Finance. The company grew to be the French leader in the sector and became sole distributor for McDonnell Douglas helicopters in France and the Benelux region. The company’s innovative Notar system (no-tail rotor) led Philip to beat as Commander the world speed record in a demonstration of the MD 520N Helicopter. A true entrepreneur at heart, Philip founded his second company in 1992. Based in London, Euro Aircraft Trading Ltd was dedicated to trading both business and commercial aircraft. In 1996, Euro Aircraft Trading Ltd became the distributor for McDonnell Douglas commercial aircraft until the manufacturer’s merger with Boeing Company. In 2000, Philip founded Corporate Jet Management SA in Geneva to operate the fleet of Rolex Watch Group. In the same year, he founded Masterjet, which would go on to become one of the leading European business airlines specialising in Head of State and VVIP flights. Masterjet is now part of Luxaviation Group. In 2006, Philip created SPARFELL in Geneva to regroup all his activities under one roof, which still operates today and grows by the year.
Philip G. Queffelec
Chairman of SPARFELL – Geneva
Global Trading at SPARFELL - Vice President Aircraft Trading - Brandt Boyle - Washington
Brandt Boyle oversees Global Trading for SPARFELL. He began his career in corporate aircraft trading in 1998 with Wings Aviation International, leaning upon his previous experience of living and traveling abroad to establish himself with a wide array of worldwide clients, contacts, and service providers. Before joining the SPARFELL team, he established and founded Ascension Aero, a full-service consulting and trading company specializing in aircraft acquisitions. With over 23 years of experience, a worldwide network of contacts, and numerous domestic and international transactions completed totaling over $750 million, he has a proven ability to assess the aircraft marketplace, offer market driven insight and assist clients in accomplishing their goals. His goal is to serve his clients’ interests with the highest level of professionalism and integrity.
Brandt Boyle
Vice President Aircraft Trading – Washington
Global Trading at SPARFELL - Aircraft Sales Executive - Fedor Rosocha - Geneva
As a student, Fedor was already highly involved in the aviation world. During his studies, he was working as a customer agent at the Geneva Airport. After graduating from the University of Geneva with a Bachelor in Business Administration, he joined the Swiss Luxaviation charter team where he has acquired an in-depth understanding of the business aviation sector. Passionate about aircraft since his young age, Fedor is also a private pilot. He is constantly striving to acquire new knowledge of the aviation industry. In parallel to his career, he completed an Executive Aviation Management Master program in Berlin, broadening his understanding of our unique sector even more. Despite his young age, Fedor has successfully negotiated and concluded a dozen of sales and acquisitions, ranging from Turboprops and Light Jets to Ultra Long-Range aircraft.
Fedor Rosocha
Aircraft Sales Executive – Geneva
Global Trading at SPARFELL - Aircraft Sales Executive - JP Boyle - Washington
JP has been exposed to and fascinated by the world of aviation from a young age. His Grandfather, a decorated US Airforce fighter pilot in the Vietnam War, spent over a decade in business aviation, and brought JP’s father into the industry as well. JP is excited to continue as the third generation, keeping up the family tradition of excellence and trustworthiness in business aviation, while also bringing a young and fresh perspective to SPARFELL. JP graduated magna cum laude from the Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C. with an honors level degree in International Economics and Finance; he has previous work experience in the financial industry at JPMorgan Chase and Morgan Stanley. Born and raised in the D.C. Metro area, JP puts his knowledge of the US market to use as the SPARFELL representative to the US market.
JP Boyle
Aircraft Sales Executive – Washington
Global Trading at SPARFELL - Global Sky Trade CEO - Christian Duhain - Singapore
With more than forty years’ experience in the aviation and defense industries, Christian combines a rare mix of international business know-how and industrial strategy acquired throughout his career, from his early days as an engineer in airborne avionics at Thales to being in charge of major sales programs for market leaders such as Dassault or Matra Defense. His strong drive and management skills led him to become in 2005 Corporate President of EADS International where he successfully conducted the group’s worldwide strategy (Airbus, ATR, CASA, Eurocopter, Astrium, MBDA) for half a decade. He left the company in 2011 to create Global Sky in Singapore, providing consultancy services to conglomerates wanting to develop in the Asia-Pacific region, either through direct sales, internal or external growth.
Christian Duhain
Global Sky Chief Executive Officer – Singapore
Global Trading at SPARFELL - Head of Sales & Marketing Singapore Office Global Sky - Abel Mercier - Singapore
Abel ventured in the Aviation Industry right after graduating with his Masters in Corporate Finance in Paris. He moved to Malaysia to start at Helipartner within the Finance Department and was appointed in 2015 Head of Internal Audit and Group Participations. Field passionate, he quickly moved towards a more operational role within the company, becoming responsible of the contract management division for South-East Asia (Aircraft leasing & OEMs). He left the company in 2016 to join Rotortrade Services as Sales & Network Manager for Asia-Pacific, successfully securing sales contracts throughout the region. In 2018, he moved to Singapore to start Global Sky with Christian Duhain. His financial background and business acumen constitute a unique asset when it comes to aviation projects and complex aircraft transactions.
Abel Mercier
Head of Sales & Marketing Singapore Office Global Sky – Singapore
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Frequently Asked Questions

Are all the aircraft that SPARFELL has available on the website?

No, we have multiple off-market opportunities in addition to the aircraft displayed in our inventory. Contact us directly for any aircraft that you may be interested in. Our trading teams: Geneva (+41 22 787 08 77), Washington (+1 301 525 4380), Singapore (+65 6221 0989) and Vienna (+43 699 1 632 52 12).

Does SPARFELL also provide aircraft acquisition services?

Yes, SPARFELL offers both aircraft sales and aircraft acquisition services. Based on your specific requirements, our knowledgeable trading teams can assist you in sourcing an aircraft.

What are the office locations of SPARFELL?

SPARFELL has its headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. In addition, SPARFELL has offices in Vienna (Austria), Paris (France), San Marino, Washington (USA), Singapore and Dublin (Ireland). You may find a detailed overview of our offices and services provided at each location on our Contact Page.

What services does SPARFELL provide?

SPARFELL provides various services in private aviation: aircraft charter, aircraft management, aircraft sales and acquisition, and aircraft design. Furthermore, SPARFELL offers travel concierge service, yacht management, and property and luxury asset management.

Where can I find the asking price of the aircraft in SPARFELL’s inventory?

The prices of the aircraft are disclosed upon request. Contact our trading teams in Geneva (+41 22 787 08 77), Washington (+1 301 525 4380), Singapore (+65 6221 0989) and Vienna (+43 699 1 632 52 12) to obtain further information.


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