Your tailor-made solution

Whether it’s a rental, shared ownership, prepaid cards, or full ownership, each solution that offers access to business aviation has its advantages and disadvantages.

SPARFELL understands that each of its customers has specific needs, unique requirements and personal constraints. Therefore, rather than fixed terms programs, SPARFELL offers to adapt to you: whether you need to book your mission two months or two hours in advance, whether your program is fixed or highly flexible, whether you need one or more categories of aircraft, it’s up to you to define with our team what fits your needs best and maximise your budget.

How does it work?

Tell us:
● Your annual volume required
● Your minimum availability guarantee period
● Your desired level of flexibility
● Your device category(s)
● Your desired contract term
● Your geographic area
● Etc.

We will offer the right program with the correct financial terms: the pre-purchase of “flights units” with a guaranteed aircraft of your choice.

The MySPARFELL Advantages:


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