SPARFELL Team at EBACE 2023 - Geneva Switzerland
SPARFELL Team at EBACE 2023 - Geneva Switzerland
SPARFELL Head of Cabin Andreea Duca
SPARFELL Group Management - Chairman Philip Queffelec and CEO Edward Queffelec
Details of the SPARFELL Booth
SPARFELL Chairman Philip Queffelec & Key Account Manager Anthony Rejony
SPARFELL Head of Cabin Andreea Duca & Flight Attendant Jekaterina Vevele
Managing Director SPARFELL Espana Rocio Masip, SPARFELL Associate Martina Becher & SPARFELL Associate Belinda Passwell
SPARFELL Team on the SPARFELL Booth at Palexpo Geneva, Switzerland
SPARFELL Business Developer Martin Gallo
SPARFELL Luftfahrt GmbH Assistant Ground Operations Manager Henriette de Savornin Lohman
Bentley Geneva X SPARFELL for EBACE 2023
Aircraft Sales Executive JP Boyle, Chairman Philip Queffelec & Aircraft Sales Executive Fedor Rosocha

Time to wrap up EBACE 2023!

9th June 2023 - SPARFELL

SPARFELL made an impressive impact at the renowned EBACE trade show. With our steadfast dedication to delivering exceptional service, we effectively demonstrated our expertise throughout the event. We took great pride in representing our brand.

We extend our gratitude to all our employees who flawlessly embodied the values of our Group. Whether situated in Geneva, Madrid, Malta, San Marino, Vienna, or Washington, their dedication and talents greatly enhanced our presence. Through engaging with industry professionals and customers, they effectively shared our expertise, nurturing the longevity of our established relationships. 

The elegance of our SPARFELL booth was truly remarkable. We owe this to the valuable collaboration of our esteemed partners, Absolute Taste Inflight, Bentley, and the Mathys agency. Together, they played an instrumental role in ensuring that our booth flawlessly embodied the desired image and values we aim to communicate.

A heartfelt appreciation goes out to the entire EBACE organisation for orchestrating an exceptional event. It is through gatherings such as EBACE that our influence, reputation, and position in the aviation sector are strengthened. For that reason, we extend a resounding THANK YOU!


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