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Pat McHaffey is a former Fleet Air Arm officer, Lord Hanson's personal helicopter pilot for 29 years and Chief Executive of Air Hanson, from 1970 until its sale in September 1999.

During his time at Air Hanson the company became the UK Beechcraft dealer as well as representing Sikorsky, McDonnell-Douglas and Bell helicopters, and grew to manage 40 aircraft, 5 of which were for various Head of States.

They became the largest corporate fleet operators of Sikorsky S76 helicopters in the World, providing a very personal and dedicated service to its customers. Since then he has headed up numerous companies such as FAS and more recently Masterjet UK, a sales and management company located at Farnborough. Pat's intimate working knowledge of helicopters coupled with long experience of a brand portfolio tells you all you need to know about his up-to-the-minute knowledge of manufacturers, their aircraft and advances in corporate provision.

He is very focused on personal service, and over the past 6 years Pat has created close relationships with a number of growing companies in the UK and the former CIS, where he now acts as an aviation advisor for them on all aircraft acquisitions and disposals.