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Born in the United States in North Carolina, he resided in the Caribbean during his pre-college years. He obtained a Bachelors degree in Business Administration from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 1973 and quickly followed it with a Master in Business Administration from the University of South Carolina in 1975.  

His aviation career began in marketing that same year at the Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation where at the age of 27 and fresh out of college, he became the youngest salesman to be promoted into direct sales.  

From the beginning, his detailed historical knowledge of the Gulfstream program and extraordinary understanding of the industry allowed him to sell in very difficult markets. Responsible for territories in Europe, Africa and the Middle East, he formed broad relationships around the world with business and government leaders throughout his career, resulting in the sale of more than 150 Gulfstream jets.

Following the completion of a delightful 32-year career, he formed Steve Fuller Associates in Savannah Georgia in 2008. Primarily focused on aircraft transactions, their specialty is working with former high profile Gulfstream clientele, which has a preference for keeping a low profile when handling aircraft transactions.